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Meet The Team

How It Started

Our Vex Robotics team was started at RFA in 2013 and began competing in 2014. In our first year we qualified for the State championship. After achieving the title New York State Champions of 2015 the Black Knights went to the World Championship and ranked at the top 3% of the world. Our future plans are to get more people involved with Vex, therefore adding more teams to our school.

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The Black Knights are proudly sponsored by RFA's Knight Spot, Alion, and Davidson's Auto Group.

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About the Website

This website was coded on Notepad ++, meaning that this was all coded from scratch and that every line was typed out. The website designer learned how to program from the combination of self teaching and Codecademy.

Interested in learning code involving HTML, Java, PHP, or other languages of code? Visit Codecademy here for more info.

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